Local Restaurants

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#1 SHINKAWA/Chanko nabe restaurant :
Former Sumo wrestler opened this place to introduce sumo wrestler hot pot. Big pot of meat and vegetables. Good and healthy! The atmosphere is very Japanese, and very friendly. Although there is no English menu, you can order “chanko nabe” and they will understand. There are lots of side dishes you can order too such as sashimi, tofu, noodles, salad etc.
My guests often use this restaurant and always say they had a great time. Also the owner and staff know me and they can ring me anytime if you are having problem ordering etc : )
Please contact me and I can make a reservation for you. For large pot that is cooked at your table costs about Y2,200 per person. It takes about 5min to walk from the house.
Their website:

#2 Okonomiyaki Kyoto style,
Very Kyoto Okonomiyaki, different from Osaka and Hiroshima style.
Very local atmosphere, If you concern smoking matter, it won’t be your list. Sometimes too friendly for smokers, but the taste is so good…
It takes about 3min to walk from the house.

#3 Tsujikawa restaurant
Japanized western food restaurant. You can order lunch sets even at night. You can order alcohol with your meal… good atmosphere!

#4 Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Tower has just renewed their food court in the basement (B1) which provide lots of stalls providing local tastes and souvenir shopping area on first floor (1F). The view from the top is good too : ) For your information: