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Kyoyumoto Hatoya Zuiho-kaku(Onsen);
Bit expensive, need reservation before hand. But one day or half-day Hot Spring Bath bathing and dinner or lunch.
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Also there are some facilities near Kinkaku-Ji (Golden pavilion) and Arashiyama area.

If you want to have experience in public bath (Sento), there are some nearby.
Usually, costs are;
430JPY/adult, 150JPY/kid under 11, 60JPY/kid under 6
It’s recommended to bring your towels and soaps with you, or you can buy or rental there.

Matsu-yu(Sento), 松湯
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Aketa-yu(Sento), 明田湯
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Beppu-yu(Sento), 別府湯
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And other interesting option, Kyoto Tower has a public bath called YUU 🙂
890/adult, 450/kid
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